Terminal is a global supplier of LCD digital sign

Terminal has led the development of LCD digital signage. Our newly developed and mass-produced LCD all-in-one advertising machine is suitable for use in various occasions and adapts to different designs of customers. It is not only very thin in appearance and thickness, but also waterproof and waterproof. The dust function is more excellent. Our factories provide services to more than 100 countries and regions around the world, and our outdoor, indoor and semi-outdoor advertising machines have all received excellent reviews.


Outdoor LCD Advertising Displays

We provide you with ultra-high brightness LCD digital displays, which are suitable for outdoor applications in retail, transportation, airports and commercial streets. Our screens can provide you with content that is not affected by bright light conditions. Our display structure is durable and versatile, can attract customers and convey information to the greatest extent. Terminal provides professional design and remote management and content update. Find a custom model for your audience here.

Outdoor LCD Advertising  Displays

Semi-Outdoor Dgital Signage

Using our semi-outdoor digital signage can enable your customers to get promotional news anytime, anywhere, widely used in subway stations, street shops, airports and retail development areas, etc., with long-term exposure.

Semi-Outdoor Dgital Signage

Indoor Dgital Signage

Terminal provides LCD digital signage with high-brightness display and high-resolution, making your advertising effect even better.

Indoor Dgital Signage

Order Digital Signage With Efficient Dissemination of Advertising Information